Monday, October 8, 2012

Virtual Metta Circle Begins!

Dear Friends,

Growing out of the monthly metta circles we started offering earlier this year, we now have a Virtual Metta Circle!  Anyone coming along to Great Heart activities is welcome to join - the idea is that if any of us has a friend who is ill, or someone needing help, or maybe something positive like beginning a charity project or going on a pilgrimage, then you would write a brief email asking the circle to send them good thoughts.  Anyone taking part in the circle would read your request, then stop for a few moments and think of the person you've mentioned.  They may simply send them metta ("love" in the Pali language), or they might say a favorite prayer or blessings for them.

I hope in this way we can reach out more and more to those in need, remember our shared vulnerability and kinship, and also create little moments of kindness and beauty in the midst of our daily lives.  If you're involved with the Great Heart Society at all and would like to be part of the Virtual Metta Circle, please send a quick email to:

and you'll be added to the list.  Love to you all,

Chris Starbuck

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