Saturday, April 28, 2012

Persian Drumming Workshop, Sat 28th April

This afternoon we were lucky to have a Persian drumming workshop with Arian Sadr, a professional percussionist from Iran who now lives in Manchester.  The venue was the new upstairs room in Yesim Patisserie on Narborough Road.  There were  12 students altogther, and several people from the Great Heart Society came along with family and friends, giving the afternoon a sense of community for everyone else I think too.

Arian first gave a demonstration on Tonbek, the Iranian goblet drum, then moved on to the Daf - the large tambourine-like drum.  He taught us the basic hand positions and movements and rhythms, and after a break we all played energetic rhythms while he improvised in amazing patterns over the top!  If anyone hasn't heard the daf played before, have a look on Youtube, it's a wonderful instrument!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Great Heart Circle, 5th April 2012

This evening at our Great Heart Circle we took a song by the English folk singer Martha Tilston as the theme for discussion.


I remember how simple simplicity used to be
Before I tried too hard and chased it away.
It would float in, flow through and out of me.
Complication, well I rue the day.

I'm going to get right, right to the heart of it.
I was bigger when I was nothing at all,
Just another pilgrim marching to the sunset,
And it didn't matter if I got there:
It's the journey of it all.