Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another Music Circle...!

There were six of us from the Great Heart Circle at tonight's music circle at Yesim Cafe on Narborough Road.  The picture's a bit blurred- here are Ren (left) and Fern, Natalie was there too, Jenny, Greg and Chris.  So many kinds of music again, from different languages and cultures...  The drum here is the Iranian Zarbe, brought along by a brilliant percussionist named Reza.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Leicester Great Heart Circle, 2nd August


We had our Great Heart Circle this evening in the Garden Room of the Unitarian Chapel again.  It was a lovely evening, and we were able to do some quiet walking meditation outside in the garden itself, really an oasis of peace in the city centre with three huge trees towering above us into the sky.

It was Mark's second meeting as circle organiser, and the first full one with most of the regulars back again.  He invited Natalie to lead the opening relaxation, and brought along a section from The Sufi Book of Life for discussion, reading about the Arabic Name "As-Salaam" - "Peace".  We had some silent Zen meditation, followed by some Sufi singing/dancing together, and of course a wonderful feast at the end!

This evening was probably Chris' last time in the circle for a while, so everyone made a toast to his happiness and future life in Chester...