Saturday, October 6, 2012

Celebrating Rumi's Birthday

We met close to the date of Rumi's birthday on 30th September, a great opportunity to talk about the great Sufi Poet and Teacher !  We talked about his early years from his birth in 1207 in a village in Tajikistan near Balkh (Afghanistan), the movement of his family through Samarkand, Baghdad and finally arrival in Konya.  Jalal al-Din Muhammad Balkh becomes established as an Imam- a preacher and law expert, he attracts many followers, he practices the way of renunciation,obedience and studies his books. Time passes, fourteen years later he is about to meet his future Teacher, Shams Of Tabriz, and his life will be transformed!!

We finished listening to a recording of the sound of the Turkish ney flute and we read some of Rumi's classic poems.

This is the first of three nights celebrating Rumi between his birthday and his wedding night.
The story continues !

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