Monday, April 8, 2013

Leicester - Great Heart Circle April 2013

Form And Emptiness , Emptiness And Form

This is the essence of The Heart Sutra of Buddhism,  something like - looking for the human body in all the parts of the body and never finding it.  

Deng Ming-Dao in 'The Lunar Tao", a day book of meditations in harmony with the seasons, reflects upon something similiar to this in "The Temple" there he writes :
The body is the temple for the spirit, and it makes sense to keep our temple clean and pure. In every culture , we have made holy places so that the divine can enter into our lives.  Think about a temple,though. If you go to a temple and look in one corner or the other, you won't see the spirit. If you take the building apart beam by beam and post by post, you won't dismantle the spirit. If you burn down the temple, you won't destroy the spirit. Those people who dissect the body looking for the spirit won't ever find it, but it's still here.

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