Friday, March 8, 2013

Leicester Great Heart Circle - March 2013

We began with readings from "365 Tao" by Master Deng Ming-Dao a day book of Taoist inspired reflections.  Then we read from the "Tao Of Pooh" about the Chinese Vinegar Tasters painting which shows Confucius, Buddha and the Taoist Master  Lao-Tse tasting vinegar (daily life).  For Confucius life tastes sour, present life is out of step with the past glory. For Buddha life is bitter, filled with attachments and desires that trap us and lead to suffering. For Lao-tse, life tastes sweet, if it understood and used wisely for what it is.  The evening finished with tea and sweetmeats and then an inspired Greg played a beautiful violin piece full of longing.

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