Sunday, November 10, 2013

Leicester Great Heart Circle - November 2013

The collection opens with The Ruby  :

work on your stony qualities
and become resplendent like the ruby.
practice self-denial and accept difficulty.
always see infinite life in letting the self die.
your stoniness will decrease; your ruby nature will grow.
the signs of self-existence will leave your body,
and ecstasy will take you over.

Reading and reflecting upon the poem was a nice lead into a sitting meditation.

We were going to look at Bernie Glassman's works on Zen but that didn't happen exactly as planned, but we did follow the instructions to the cook, the Zen Cook will make a meal of the ingredients that are available to hand.  The ingredients available to us for the evening were the room, cups of tea, the sweetmeats, the book of poetry, two chairs, two hearts and time.  Cooked together we were able to make a very pleasant good-tasting evening, no one went home hungry.

The Leicester Great Heart Zendo will now go into hibernation for the winter months. But at the Dergah the Dervishes will still be dancing.

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